Naturism according to Arna

Why live naked?

Today naturism is a lifestyle choice. And France is the country with the highest proportion of practising naturists compared with the total population. In our campsite-village we receive an increasingly varied range of guests, and the number of young people and families increases every year.

Why this attraction to naturism? There are many reasons! Naturism liberates the body and movements, but it also frees the mind. It enables you to distance yourself from stress and daily problems, and to get to know your own body. We provide a wide range of sport, cultural and craft activities which will help to recharge your batteries: yoga, botanical workshops, painting, etc. Naturism also helps to develop relations with others. With no clothes, class differences disappear, and you learn to respect other people’s bodies. Because respect - for others, of oneself and the environment - is THE fundamental value of serene, free and authentic naturism.

Living in harmony

At Arna, every naturist shows tolerance and courtesy. We recommend total nudity everywhere, and it is essential in the bathing areas, the aquatic park, beach and spa. That said, if it’s too cold or you feel more comfortable for certain sports activities, clothes are, of course, optional. Modest children and teenagers can wear a towel or a sarong (outside the bathing areas). Avoiding noisiness, respecting the facilities and driving slowly on site make for a peaceful holiday for everyone. The safety and serenity of each guest is our priority. No dubious behaviour is tolerated in our campsite-village. At Arna, we also pay particular attention to the needs of disabled people, and do our utmost to receive them with excellent conditions.

Preserved nature, responsible tourism

Naturism is, for us, in total harmony with nature. Arna is the reflection of this attitude and we do our best to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. The award of the “Clef Verte” label is a symbol of our commitment to the environment. We have preserved the natural environment as much as possible in the creation of the campsite-village, aiming for sustainable tourism. Each pitch or holiday rental is nestled in a lovely green setting. In our restaurants and market, we give priority to short supply chains, organic goods, and we propose fresh and local produce: honey, fruit and vegetables, fish, cheese, wine, foie gras, textiles, etc. Finally we provide financial support to local associations. So we encourage you all to become sustainable citizens of Arna, by choosing to walk or cycle, rather than take the car.

Your holiday at Arna


Arnaoutchot has a vast water park with fun and relaxation for all ages. Take advantage of the positive effects of water!

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séjour naturiste plage Landes Aquitaine


The Atlantic waves and hot sand just for you! For a fabulous holiday, enjoy the serenity of the naturist beach, directly accessible from the campsite.

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Spa naturisme Aquitaine


Did you say Arna? Or spa? Enjoy the quality of the facilities and a wide range of services in our “Arabian Nights” decor.

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Séjour Camping landes

On site

Arnaoutchot is like a village. You will find relaxed friendliness and all the essential local services on site! And the village lives in harmony with its natural environment which is respected.

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Séjour famille naturisme lande

Youth & naturism

You would like to practise naturism with your family but you are concerned about your children or teenagers? We reassure you, at Arna, their well-being is fundamental.

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Séjour landes gastronomie

Gastronomy and the region

The Landes region has a rich range of flavours to discover. Be tempted by our many regional specialities. The Arna team can guide you with information for your gastronomic adventures!

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Vacance naturisme sport Aquitaine

Sport and activities

So that you and your children have a fabulously rich holiday with lots of fun and new experiences, we propose a daily programme of sports, outdoor, craft and cultural activities. It’s up to you!

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séjour vacance Lande Aquitaine

Events Calendar

You want to party and enjoy long summer evenings during your holiday. At Arna, there is entertainment every day. Festive fun, laughter and relaxation guaranteed!

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Séjour landes Aquitaine

Outings and exploring

Do you feel like a cultural visit, a family outing, a new sport? Our beautiful region has something for everyone! Follow the guide and discover what the region has to offer!

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